Potty Training Boys and Girls

You may have heard all sorts of rumours and tales when it comes to potty training, but is there really any difference between potty training boys and girls?

While on average boys tend to start a little later and can take a little longer than girls, every child is different and the most important thing is to focus on when your child is ready and to train in the way that best suits them – regardless of gender.

Having said that, there are some fundamental differences between boys and girls to bear in mind when potty training.

Tips for potty training boys:

  • Your son will find it easier to learn to use the potty sitting down for wees as well as poos in the beginning.
  • Little boys love to be just like their dads so let your son visit the toilet with Dad for a few demonstrations. A big brother can also be a great role model.
  • Encourage him to point his willy down into the potty to help prevent a mess.
  • Some potties come with a lip to help prevent spills, which can be handy in the early days of training.
  • Teach him to give his willy a little shake after a wee to remove the last drops.
  • Dress him in trousers with an elasticised waist so that they can easily be pulled up and down.
  • Huggies® Pull-Ups® potty training pants feature ©Disney/Pixar Cars™ designs that little boys love. Their unique fade when wet graphics will help teach the difference between wet and dry, while their slim-fitting design makes them feel just like real pants.

Tips for potty training girls:

  • As a mum, you probably haven't been able to visit the toilet by yourself for a long time! But now’s the time to talk to your little girl about what you are doing when you go so that she can start to make the connections.
  • Dress her for success - choose clothes that are easy to remove like skirts and bottoms with an elasticised waistband.
  • Remember to wipe from front to back to help prevent any infections.
  • Little girls love playing mum. Use this to your advantage by encouraging her to pick one of her dolls or teddies that needs to potty train too. Letting her sit her toy on the potty or toilet will give her some control of her own training and will keep her interested. This can also work well for boys.
  • Designed to look and feel just like real underwear, Huggies® Pull-Ups® potty training pants with ©Disney Princess designs are the ideal choice for little girls. Easy to pull up and down and with special fade when wet graphics, they’re the perfect partner for potty training!
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