Potty training for your Big Kid

Huggies® Pull-Ups® are designed to support you and your child during the potty training journey, both day and night. Say goodbye to nappies and nappy pants and help support your Big Kid on their journey to real underwear!

Why Huggies® Pull-Ups®?

  • Huggies® Pull-Ups® are designed specifically for easier potty training, with unique learning features including a feel wet layer and wetness indicator. The Night-time variant carries all the same benefits plus extra absorbency for night-long protection.
  • Progress from nappies and nappy pants to underwear with confidence and consistency.
  • Accident protection enables kids to learn in a safe, protected way.

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Time to potty train with confidence.

Feel wet layer

It is important for your child to learn wet from dry. Our temporary feel wet layer mimics the feeling of wet underwear, without the mess. Your child will know they’ve had an accident, allowing them to safely recognise that next time they should use the potty.

Wetness indicator

If your child has an accident, the indicator design will fade so you can easily see if they need changing, and help them learn that dry is best. The indicator also allows you to have a conversation with them about using the potty next time.

Real underwear like design

With Huggies® Pull-Ups®, it’s easy for little ones to use the toilet on their own. The stretchy sides allow them to pull pants up and down by themselves. The shape and fun Disney© graphics make the pants look and feel similar to real underwear, so your child feels like a Big Kid!

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  • Temporary feel wet layer aids learning
  • Stretchy sides help little ones to practice pulling pants up and down all by themselves
  • Designed to look like real underwear, with fun Disney© graphics


  • Consistent potty training.Children aren’t confused by switching back to nappies and nappy pants at night
  • Temporary feel wet layer is replaced with a super absorbent layer, for a good nights’ sleep
  • Same fun Disney© features and wetness indicator

Potty training tips

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