The perfect potty training partner

Huggies® Pull-Ups® are on a mission to make potty training easier for every parent and their little one.
With training pants specifically designed to maximise learning and a 6 steps to potty success programme 
of support, Huggies® Pull-Ups® is the perfect potty training partner

Get your free 6 steps to potty success guide

Your free pocket potty training guide includes:

  • Handy 8 signs of readiness quiz
  • Exclusive tips from Dr Heather
  • A tool for each step

The Huggies® Pull-Ups® 6 Steps method to easy potty training

Together with Huggies® Pull-Ups®, the 6 Steps to Potty Success is a guide to easy potty training.

Huggies® Pull-Ups® have worked together with renowned child psychologist and mum of four Dr.Heather Wittenberg to pull together the most practical, helpful and science-based potty training tips in our 6 Steps to Potty Success programme.

Huggies® Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants

Wetness indicator fades when wet making little accidents easy to spot at a glance.


Unlike nappies, Pull-Ups® Daytime feature a unique learning liner which briefly mimics the feeling of real wet underwear without the mess.


Practice makes perfect! The soft, stretchy sides help little hands practice pulling them up and down.

What do our Pull-Ups® potty trainers say?

Very helpful, especially for us first time parents!

Caroline from Swadlincote potty trained her son at 35 months

The six steps have reassured me that potty training needn't be stressful. We're going to take cues from Tom and when he's ready we'll potty train him in a totally stress and pressure free way.

Zoe from Cambridge potty trained her son under 18 months