Getting Ready to Potty Train

With potty training just around the corner there are a few things you can do to help your child prepare for this exciting milestone. By introducing the idea of potty training and getting all the potty training essentials to hand, you’ll make the process much easier in the long run.

Up to now, milestones – like sitting up, walking and weaning – have occurred naturally with a little help and encouragement from you. Saying goodbye to nappies is different as there needs to be a deliberate focus on training to help your little one become dry.

Did you know that your toddler’s first experience of potty training is simply watching what you do? Think about how often your little one has accompanied you to the toilet and watched you sit down, reach for the toilet paper, pull up your pants, flush the toilet and wash your hands. This learning process has been going on inside your child for quite a while, and now you can actively encourage it:

  • Choose toileting words like 'poo' and 'wee' and begin to use these words around your toddler. It’s likely that your little one will use – or even shout – these words in public so make sure they are suitable!  Also, talk to your child about where the poo and wee comes from.
  • Help them learn by taking your child to the toilet and telling them what you are doing. Make it fun by pulling a face when you need to go and saying "I think I need to go to the toilet!" Let them help by pulling the toilet paper off the roll or flushing the toilet.
  • Acknowledge when they do a wee or poo in their nappy and encourage their understanding of what has happened and why. The first major step in the toilet training process is when your toddler tells you they have done a wee or poo in their nappy. From the first time they do this give them lots of praise and let them know how proud you are that they told you.
  • If you are planning to use a potty, buy or borrow it early and place it somewhere convenient and accessible around the house, so that it becomes familiar and normal. It’s also useful to choose some books with a potty training theme to help explain the process to your toddler. This will help them to become familiar with toilet training even before they start.
  • Introduce them to Huggies® Pull-Ups® potty training pants. Designed especially to help toddlers master dryness, their fade when wet graphics teach the difference between wet and dry. Slim-fitting and easy to pull up and down, kids love the special boy and girl designs which give them the look and feel of real underwear.
  • Finally, learn to pick your battles. During the potty training process it's far more important to coerce and encourage your toddler to have a go than to get into a standoff situation!



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