Potty training pants vs. nappy pants

When it comes to potty training, what your little one wears is crucial to their success. Unlike nappy pants, potty training pants are especially designed to make potty training fun and easier for everyone. Here’s why:

Potty training pants fit like real underwear; they’re slim-fitting with super stretchy sides and no fiddly tabs so they’re easy for toddlers to pull up and down by themselves, giving them confidence and independence.

 What sets them further apart from nappy pants is that they feature unique learning graphics that fade when wet to teach kids the difference between wet and dry. Potty training pants are also decorated with fun ©Disney Cars graphics for boys and ©Disney Princesses and Minnie designs for girls, making them look like real underwear.

What’s more, their special Easy-Open sides make quick checks and changes easy for mum. And for bedtime, Night-Time potty training pants offer all the benefits of day time potty training pants with extra absorbency for a good night’s sleep. 

Making the switch to potty training pants like Huggies® Pull-Ups® at the start of potty training sends a clear signal to your tot that they have moved on from nappies and nappy pants and will soon be wearing normal underwear. That’s why it’s important to be consistent: switching between nappy pants and training pants can confuse your child.

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